Tuaran Mee,斗亚兰面
Tuaran mee is in a class of its own. The noodles are springy to the bite — fried, then topped with slices of sweet barbecued pork or char siew, chun kien or egg rolls, and some obligatory greens thrown in to complete the colourful dish.his is something you will never find at other places else besides Sabah. Tuaran noodle is our local specialty – and we are proud. The noodle is made mostly of eggs, you can taste the difference with normal yellow noodles.
Many Sabahans make the effort to have at least one plate of Tuaran noodle whenever they come back from overseas. Their trip won’t be complete without a plate of Tuaran noodle.
Plus, it tastes awesome too.




Eat like a Local
Lok Kyun Tuaran Mee When we think of Tuaran town, we will think of Tuaran fried noodle. Locals usually call it Tuaran Mee. Tuaran noodle is different from other types of noodle because the it is made of batter of egg yolk and flour. One of the most famous shops in Tuaran is Lok Kyun Restaurant. It has been operating for more than 60 years. Lok Kyun Tuaran Mee gives out a yummy taste of egg aroma and the springiness is just right. It is usually served with pork, Char Siew(BBQ pork) and Hakka Pork Egg Roll. What makes Lok Kyun Tuaran Mee nice is the noodle which is prepared on a small factory right above of their restaurant. If you are looking for an authentic Tuaran Mee taste, then Lok Kyun Restaurant is one of the place you should drop by.




Restoran Harapan Tuaran
Chef Simon Kong
H/P 0135495113, 0116005694


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