Suang Lotud

Bahar is an alcoholic beverage made from the sap of the coconut tree. not to be confused with the whiskey Chivas Regal - "taste the same, high the same...but its not the same"......

Agriculture Activities
When you get to our retreat you will be given space to relax and enjoy nature and the scenery.

Traditional Suang Lotud houses of Sabah, Borneo,Malaysia.

Suang Lotud Calender
Pongintangan Do Wulan Suang Lotud.

Ceremonial Objects
Some description may well be given here of the dress worn by the women of tuaran dusun lotud on ceremonial occasions, as this differs vary materially from that in everyday use. The ceremonial head dress consists of stiff bunches of feathers

The term linangkit in general is used to refer to a special kind of needlework technique, practised by the women of several ethnic groups in the West and North of Sabah.......


suang lotud

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Lotud Women Costume
Traditional Costume For Suang Lotud Worn by the priestesses (tantagas) and other women during ceremonies, festive and social occasions.

Art And Cultures
The Suang Lotuds are welknown for their very colourful costumes, and their dance, called "Sumayau" or "Mongigol Tuaran"....

The chief gods of the Dusun Lotud are the beneficent “Kinohoringan” and his wife “Munsumundu”, who are responsible for the creation of the world,.....

religious belief
The religion of the Dusun(lotud) should be probably be described and partly animistic, though with this is combined a hazy belief in a supreme god, and also in certain local or village gods. A belief in spirit is very in general, but these spirits,

Traditional priestesses and ritual specialists, or tantagas,.....

Culture And Customs
This article will discuss the process of tribal marriage customs Dusun Lotud generally can be classified into four levels:

a) Merisik b) Engagement c) Married

Suang Lotud has diverse traditional delicacies with each state having its own way of cooking as well as recipes.

Costume For Men
After you are settled, you will be given some tea with herbs in it that will help your reflecting process

Suang Lotud community had two goals for their workshop: to collect 5,000-6,000 words and to finish the event with a good quality lexical database......

Linangkit Cultural Village

Mysterious past of Lotud People......

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Chanteek Borneo Gallery
costume showing doll wearing Dusun Lotud costume