How can Kampung(village)Panjut be named : “KAMPUNG PANJUT” Actually before that,there is a large village(Kampung) where its area from the roundabout to the village Lakang, Berungis and boundary with Irrigation drainage heading Berungis, Kosan Office etc, but his spit around cemetery from the original area for construction Irrigation ditches are still included within the Kampung(village) Panjut. Here anyhow,
there is the land area of paddy fields and small Dusun area. Most of its population consists of ethnic Dusun suang Lotud (now there are many people especially the Chinese). Village around “Panjut” such areas are “BUNKAR”, “SOMBING”, “KIBUNDUNG”, “MOLINGGA”, “SAMBA'AG” etc before-hand. Why is this village called “KAMPUNG PANJUT”, there is a question mark on the people here now;because not many who’s know how this village get such calls. I have to ask people a little older than me and he said the village got its name because at one time they say it is a long dry season until the people here difficult to get water for drinking or bathing, At nearby river(Tuaran River) then it is a place to take drinking water and also of the bath, so that when the people of this village bathing in the river, they like to jump with their bodies to the surface water streams, which in term “jumping” in Lotud it is called 'minkonjut-konjut', then from there this is the original village called“Kampung(village) Panjut”.
Article/Information Is Coutesy Of :Win Atur Yusuf Of Kampung Panjut 

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