Religious belief
The chief gods of the Dusun Lotud are the beneficent “Kinohoringan” and his wife “Munsumundu”, who are responsible for the creation of the world, and, in Tuaran, “Towardaken” is added, who is the son of the “Kinohoringan”, but was banished by him for his evil deeds. In addition to this, Tuaran Dusun(lotud)belived in a god of the village or Kinohoringan Tumanah, who is mentioned in the taking of oaths together with kinohoringan in the skies. Well, Anyhow, the chief gods of the Dusun(Lotud)have, however, no connection with religious ceremonies performed by the Dusun of Tuaran here.
"where is Kinorohingan?", High above the skies.....................!!,

Kinohoringan Tumanah
A Kinohoringan Tumanah or the local god, appears to be commonly associated with each village, and according to the folklore of the dusun Tuaran, sometime assumes the shape of an animal. In one story the Kinohoringan Tumanah becomes a scaly ant eater and in another a bee.
Story about “Bayan” tree, this tree is say to be the adobe of a “Hantu” or spirit, and it is said that men coming suddenly on a banyan tree in the jungle have seen many gusis standing below it. but when they have looked again the jars have vanished, for the “Hantu” has snatched them up again into the tree.
Another story is about “Buluhon”, “Buluhon” is a kind of Gusi(jar),and the Tuaran Dusun Lotud say that Kinohoringan Tumanah opened a window in heaven and let it down on a cord to the earth.

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The Lotud Worldview

The traditional Lotud cosmology sees the universe as a sphere composed mainly of water.5 There are seven spiritual layers above the physical world. To the“north” is Diwato, the abode of the supreme deities Kinohoringan who created the sky and his wife "Umunsumundu" who, according to the "rinait", created the earth."Diwato" itself consists of seven layers and contains ten sections, to house the eleven
offspring of Kinohoringan and Umunsumundu. The supreme deities themselves are believed to reside in the highest layer. Each of their offspring has a role in the spiritual and physical worlds. The term diwato may also be used for “good spirits”

In the Lotud worldview.To the “east” lies Pongoluan located in the lowest of the seven spiritual layers above the earth at Mt. Kinabalu. This is the resting place of the departed spirits of good people. Sometimes, these spirits wander into the human world and must be placated with certain offerings to send them back to their resting place. To the“south” in the centre of the earth is "Kolungkud", the underworld guarded by the "dragon Ombuakar". This is the final abode of the ghosts of bad people. To the “west”far across the sea lies "Rondom", the abode of rogon or demons and also of the ghosts of especially evil people. The rogon often wander into the human world on the earth to inflict suffering, and require appeasing sacrifices. Apart from these, there are other wandering spirits in the earth and clouds, which can cause human suffering. Some of these are the ghosts of humans who did not receive an appropriate send-off to enter "Pongoluan". They can attack humans and also require appeasement.
In the Lotud worldview, the ideal universe is one in which the physical and spiritual worlds are balanced. This state of balance is maintained provided people in the physical world do not offend the spiritual realms by careless or sinful actions against the physical environment and human society. Indiscriminate cutting of trees or clearing land for development, for example, may cause imbalance between the physical and spiritual realms. Humans are also expected to live morally upright lives, according to the adat of their respective communities as prescribed in their rinait. If they violate this, for example, by committing sexual sins such as adultery, fornication or incest (including marriage between close cognates), the universe will become spiritually hot (alasu) resulting in the disease and death of crops, livestock and communities. It is therefore necessary to make the universe “cool” (osogit) by cleansing it with the appropriate rituals and sacrifices (sogit). Calamities such as droughts, unmitigated rains and floods, epidemics, widespread war and murders, are believed to be caused by imbalance and impurity in the universe caused by human wrong doing.




Prominent Lotuds
The most distinguished Lotud is Tun Hamdan Abdullah (formerly OKK Indan Kari), being the former District Chief of Tuaran, a former assemblyman, and died in office as Sabah's Head of State. Others are Datuk Kimon Anad, Datuk Monggoh Orow (former Member of Parliament), Datuk Kalakau Untol (former Member of Parliament and Federal Deputy Minister and later Senator), Datin Danna Ontol (senior government servant as director of departments), Datin Rita Jaafar (formerly Rita Bagong, who became a state-level beauty queen, and later became senior education officer), Setiawan Ampuria (former assemblyman), Gabriel Tan or Gabriel Tanggar (the founding President of the United Sabah Dusun Association or USDA), M.A. Rahman or Ahmad I. Onggohon (the Secretary General of USDA), Sindih Angkati (cultural movement leader), Limbai Angkapon (a fiery leader with uncompromising honesty who died while contesting in an election), Bitti Okos (prominent and memorable for having died in battle in Brunei during the confrontation with Indonesia), Linda Ewit (lawyer), Balanting Erom (politician and businessman), OKK Imbun Orow (former policeman and District Chief), Fabian Mail (educator, politician and businessman), Fedelis Enson (cathechist), Enson Angkunau (local leader), OKK Ujin (native chief), Gilum Owid (cultural activist), Enjin Ujoh (educator, local leader), Jamit Elip and Francis Fahir(both radio and TV personalities), Monica Ongkosing (diva, entertainer), Patrick Jilan (politician and church activist), Hj. Indan Putong (educator), Sylvester Saraban Daniel (businessman), Francis Daniel (businessman), Jeffrey Ganie (administrator), Elias Augustine Lontou (body-building champion and movie star), Raymond Boin Tombung (social activist, writer, journalist, editor, businessman), Jemson Kundai Bakod (local leader), OKK Ongkilat (wellknown village head), John Unggai Jilan (church leader), Albert B. Polinoh (businessman, global investor), Florence Rubiah Ayid (politician, businesslady), Margaret Kimon (politician, businesslady), Attau Ossal (politician, businessman), Pediman Jabau (businessman, global investor), Eyas Ujoh (sportman). Reynaldo Raymond Pagie (A popular newcomer artist which managed to clinch the top prize of Suara Emas Bintang RTM (Bintang RTM's Golden Voice) 2007 singing competition and voted as the 'Most Popular Vote' artist via SMS)

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Tantagas Suang Lotud by Kampung Panjut (1)

‘Gusi’ are often kept in a railed-off enclosure in one of the inner rooms of a Dusun house, and annual sacrifices are made to them at a festival called Mengahau. Mengahau is a festival in connection with the sacred jars, which is performed annually and may take place a few days . "- Ivor H. N. Evans, M.A.